American FootZonology® Practitioners Association

Our Vision: A world in which holistic health practice nurtures wholeness and inspires peace and healing.

Our Mission: To advance the field of FootZonology® through community building, advocacy, research and education.

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What is the AFZPA?

The American FootZonology® Practitioners Association recognized the inherent value of formally establishing this organization to verify our rich 27-year history fostered by dedicated FootZonology® practitioners. AFZPA has taken action to document our profession’s ongoing commitment to maintaining high-quality standards for education, clinical expertise and ethics.

Our membership body of more than 1500 worldwide is made up of FootZonology® practitioners (both private and professional), students, schools, instructors, community affiliates, and private supporters. The American FootZonology® Practitioners Association promotes an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of the FootZonology® method by offering an AFZPA-Board Certification for those practitioners choosing to submit their personal documentation for achieving and maintaining these established high-quality standards of practice.

The American FootZonology® Practitioners Association is a registered non-profit corporation that actively supports and facilitates continuing education and ongoing research in the FootZonology® field of study; actively promotes social welfare by increasing public awareness of health issues; and advocates for improved health and well being through proven methodologies, civic, cultural, recreational, educational and charitable activities; in particular qualified children’s charities.

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AFZPA Methods

FootZonology® is the science of the signal system in the feet. This is a system of signals that run from the light vessels and the light wheels which connect the four lower bodies with your personal blueprint.

ZoneBalance® is a method for correcting, balancing and renewing the body's entire cell system through a complex signal system in the feet which is connected to every cell and organ in the body. Gain an understanding of this cell system and how to create an optimum balance through the natural laws of rejuvenation. Learn this advanced approach to the ancient art of balancing the body through the feet by addressing the physical, mental and emotional dimensions simultaneously. ZoneBalance® does not utilize tools or instruments and follows a highly developed method for each complete session. ZoneBalance® is a key to well-being and to increasing the body's capacity to renew cells and enhance life energy.

Why we need ZoneBalance®:
Renewal of our cell systems
Renewed life energy
Brings the body into balance with Nature and Creation
Lets us assess the body's current state of health

ZoneAnalysis is a method for detecting and analyzing the current condition of the different systems in the body. Learn to see and feel disturbances in the signal system through analysis of the feet, the face, the hands, the back, the voice and behavior.

Learn to determine which symptoms develop from which disturbances. ZoneAnalysis allows you to detect what disturbances different elements such as unfavorable lifestyle, burdensome foods, water and air pollutants, toxic chemicals and metals have caused in the body, mind and emotions. Learn to make recommendations for rejuvenation based on ZoneAnalysis findings for restoration of the body's full potential.

AFZPA Resources

Standard of Practice

Guidelines and scope of FootZonology®.

Code of Conduct

Inherent in FootZonology® is the respect for life, dignity, and the rights of all persons.

Continuing Education

Classes and events to further your education.

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