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AFZPA brings reputable practitioners together to share ideas, and to help educate the public about FootZonology® methodologies available for improved health and wellbeing, and unite to improve public awareness of this method.


AFZPA fosters unity among beginning practitioners and those with advanced credentials and experience. AFZPA promotes an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of the FootZonology® method. Our worldwide membership body is made up of FootZonology® practitioners (both private and professional), students, schools, and instructors.

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Whether you choose to join with a Basic Membership, Student Membership, Educator Membership, or wish to apply for our AFZPA-Board Certification, the benefits of associating with reputable FootZonology® practitioners can help to support and promote you and your practice (private or professional). AFZPA strongly supports and facilitates continuing education and ongoing research in the FootZonology® field of study.

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